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✓ natural materials

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Materials and techniques

Our products are made with the greatest care, we use mainly natural fabrics such as cotton, silk, viscose, wool, cashmere, modal, linen and melanges of these. Each shawl could feel and fall a bit differently due to the fabrics used.

Woven qualities
Our collection is partly made up of woven shawls, which means that you can wear the shawl on both sides, as the design is completely visible on both sides and slightly different on each side. You actually have 2 shawls in one when you buy a woven shawl.

Printed qualities
our collection also contains printed shawls, whereby a lighter version of the print is visible on the reverse of the shawl.

Washing of the shawls
Each shawl has a care label on it. Please follow the care instructions on the label and NEVER wash your shawl in the washing machine!

Silk and woollen shawls
Always dry clean

Shawls with sequins
Studs and embroidery should be handled with extra care so as not to damage the embellishments.
Other shawls: hand wash separately at 30 deg C

almost all fabrics can be ironed. Be very careful when ironing shawls with sequins, studs or embroidery; these can be damaged by an iron that is too hot!