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Fair Trade

Amor Collections and Amor Exclusive work with one of the main Fair Trade organizations in India, PRADAN. This organization not only increases employment in the poorest regions of India, but also teaches the people there to help themselves to develop better products and improve their living conditions.

The TASAR (silk) and KHADI production is one of these projects. PRADAN helps the villages involved with the production of these materials to improve the quality of the trees, sink wells to improve irrigation and thus the habitat of the butterflies and caterpillars.

Natural silk is grown in the open air, not in greenhouses. Apart from TASAR natural silk, we also work with Eri silk, the so-called non-violent or AHIMSA silk, which is produced after  the caterpillar leaves the cocoon.

Khadi textile is a hand-spun and woven textile from India, primarily woven from cotton, but wool and silk also may be used. In India, Khadi is not just a cloth, it is a whole movement started by Gandhi anda symbol in the battle for freedom and independence of India. More than 800,000 Indians have an income through the spinning and weaving of Khadi.

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