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Imagine those long, sultry days. A soft breeze blows subtly through your hair, as you taste the salt on your lips. The crickets chirp verociously. And you? You pull out a matching outfit from your wardrobe closet and get ready to face the outdoors freely and easily. You’re about to flaunt the boulevard mischievously and have a cool drink at a beach bar. It’s summer. Let’s celebrate!`

To artist Miriam Slaats this time of year is a Holy Sensation. Every year. Her candidness is part of her fine qualities, as it makes space to feel, experience and wander off in her mind. Slaats connects to anything that excites spontaneous movement. No wonder that she designed a series of images that symbolize this movement when she chose her main theme ‘shoes’. After all, these functional objects help us to freely dance our way through life. Slaats connected this theme to the AMOR Art’Scarf Collection. After all, floating scarves and dancing shoes share similar dynamics. They’re a happy couple, both knowing how to match the rhythm of a certain image of time. Women know: one strengthens the other. Scarves are lovely accessories, no matter the style. Jump into summer and get seduced by Miriam Slaats’s HOLY SENSATION. Check out our limited edition ART’SCARF, with inspiring quotes such as ‘HELLO THERE … WALK WITH ME!’ and ‘WE ARE HAPPY TOGETHER!’


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Omne trinium perfectum – three’s a charm

In Ancient Greece the number three was considered the ultimate perfection. It’s a number that’s used throughout the Old and New Testament frequently, symbolically representing the holy trinity. When Peter denied knowing Jesus three times, the rooster crowed thrice. Jesus resurrected on the third day after his death. And we all know about the three wise from the East. To this day the number three is used in many phrases. Three is a charm, all good things come in threes: beautiful examples of how ‘three’ is used in our language. Even the Amsterdam city-arms has three crosses and we happily cheer three hoorays when we celebrate.

Miriam Slaats’s paintings use the same holy number, as her artwork is mainly categorized into three themes. Firstly, the colorful, accessible and optimistic palette of the Eighties, followed by a short time of earthy and intense colors. This movement then transcended into the white era, when the work became more poetic, light and museological. As an ode to these three last style periods, she designed a limited edition of scarves for AMOR Collections. To her, this is a completion, a three-way-perfection named ‘omne trinium perfectum’.

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